Slaw pace, like an insider,
cultural, tasty, fun,
exciting, revealing, memorable,
and breathtaking.

A Small Groups tour must be in a slower pace than a traditional coach tour, and include exciting cultural experiences along the way. Combined with the following additional features, it will give passengers a much sensible and enjoyable trip, by tasting a little bit of each place from an insider’s point of view. A proven successful concept, which has been a top seller for over three years!

They love travelling with Small Groups!


  • Number of passengers: Minimum 2 and maximum 21 passengers.
  • Outings: At least one regular outing garanteed as of 2 (two) passengers.
  • Type of vehicle: According to the destination, route and target customer’s profile.
  • Guide: Regardless of the number of passengers, there must be a tour conductor (TC).

TC is the person selected by the DMC to coordinate the trip and support the group. In some countries, they will also be the driver. Besides being aware of the itinerary and its attractions, they will also be able to provide light to complete information of each location.

  • Local guides: The use of local tour guides at the attractions is fundamental to add value to the trip. When necessary, the TC shall be able to provide the information.
  • Official language of the tour: At the convenience of the DMC, and must be specified within the tour information.
  • Accommodation category: Any category is accepted, as long as it is clearly specified within the tour information.