Stay small, sell big

No marketing team or budget? No time to do what it takes to link your business to the world? Never mind! Just do what you do best: local field operations, logistics and service management. Let us do the rest.

Get creative

Combine the best of your services, know-how and local deals, to create at least one tour in the “small groups” concept — a winner product that turns your destination and business into market winners.

One-step market ready

Get seen by 14,000+ travel agencies, plus 6 months for free, as a headstart. With our API you grow along with the club. Your tour gets in and spreads out viral through multiple trade web sites. Just B2B it!


To concentrate in a single webservice system the small group tours operated by member DMCs, for quick and easy access by operators, travel agencies and consumers.


To help local operators thrive by outreaching the trade network worldwide, through B2B linked applications.


    First B2B webservice system for DMCs, dedicated to niche tours for small groups.


    Nothing like an API to spread information all over. With our technology you get your tours integrated with the systems of the operators you work with. One entry, multiple systems!


    Don’t have any deals with operators just yet? No problem. There is an API already running and showcasing all our tours to 14,000+ travel agencies in Brazil and Portugal. That will get you started right from the start.


    You set your profit. The system is currency and markup flexible.


    User friendly multi-language interface for you to enter and manage your tours as you wish, as well as booking requests and sales.

  • Yeah, but,






Login to your member account in our websystem and enter your small-groups tour(s) information.
Through our API we feed your tour(s) to the websystems used by the wholesale operators you work with (your partners).
Their website is consulted by travel agents and/or consumers. And the websystem or booking platform your partners use, also feed travel agencies’ web sites.
Some of your partners’ systems also connect to other systems, which will reach other travel agencies outside your partners’ networks.
The outcome is a two-way feeding system, networking content back and forth within the trade. And, therefore, the outreach of a larger number of consumers around the world.



    A SmallGroups tour must be in a slower pace than a traditional coach tour, and include exciting cultural experiences along the way. Combined with other special features, it will give passengers a much sensible and enjoyable trip, tasting a little bit of each place from an insider’s know-how. For more information, please get in touch.


    How much does it cost to become a member?

    Please fill out the contact form and we will send you the information.

    Where does the club get its income from?

    Please fill out the contact form and we will send you the information.

    How will I know if I am eligible to apply?

    The first and atmost important condition is to be able to operate at least one tour in the small-groups concept with a garanteed regular outing as of 02 passengers, since our club distributes this particular kind of tour only.

    May all DMC’s be taken as members?

    The Small Groups Travel Club is exclusive to a limited number of members. The application is evaluated by the products team, according to whether the submitted tours fit the concept, among other factors as per the application form.

    Will there be more than one DMC for each destination?

    For each kind of product, there will be just one or very few DMCs by region. This may vary according to the product and destination.


    How will the tours be identified on the multiple web sites?

    All tours in the club, even when promoted directly by the DMC to the market, must be identified with the seal “Small Groups Travel Club Member”. And that is a rule.

    Who is accountable for the operation of the tours?

    Every and each tour published by the club is under the operational responsibility of their respective DMC only.

    Will the club have a set of rules and a code of conduct?

    The members will assist in creating the rules and code.

    Can a DMC be suspended or expulsed?

    They may if the facts revealed are against the club’s code of conduct or the club’s regulations.


    How long will it take for a tour to be published?

    As soon as the tour is approved by the products team, you will have a guaranteed head start distribution on 40+ travel agency web sites in Brazil, and available to 14,000+ travel agencies from Brazil and Portugal to consult on the Schultz Operator’s portal — club’s first partner operator. As of this point, it will also be available for your partners through the API, with no additional cost.

    In what language will the tours be published?

    As of now, in English, German, Portuguese and Spanish. We are working on it as to release more languages, aiming at having as many as you need to be able to establish agreements with operators anywhere in the world.

    How will the tours be identified on the multiple web sites?

    All tours in the club, even when promoted directly by the DMC to the market, must be identified with the seal “Small Groups Travel Club Member”.

    Are there filters for the search engines?

    The search engine allows queries by: Name of the operator, city, country, name of the tour, and accommodation category.

    Who will take the bookings and payments?

    You will. As a member DMC you will be granted a back-end interface to follow up on the on-line bookings in real time, and carry on with the proceedings. Among other tools, there are real-time reports showing the top searched, top sales, and top cancelled by customer (travel agency) location, among other parameters.


    How will the club promote the tours?

    Initially they will be promoted:

    • To the headstart clients case, through WhatsApp and E-mail Marketing.
    • In Social Networks posts and ads.

    In addition:

    • A Digital Brochure will be available for download on this web site, on our social media profiles and pages.

    What is the headstart clients case?

    Is the set of wholesale operators that already have an agreement with the current member DMCs. Since they are already promoting the small-groups tours and, therefore, with a showcase set and running, all you have to do is make an agreement with them and your tours will be out there straight away. For starters, Schultz Operator takes in all tours approved by the club. This means that you will be showcasing to 13,000+ travel agencies in Brazil and 1,000+ in Portugal, right from the start.

    Will the club participate in fairs and events?

    In the medium and long term, as the club evolves, we will participate in the most relevant fairs in the trade, such as BRAZTOA, ABAV, WTM Latin America, WTM London, WTM Dubai, FiTur, ITB Berlin, FIT Argentina, ANATO Colombia, among others.

    We also count on each member DMC to help promote all tours, for the success of the club is the success of all.


    Will the club sell the tours directly to travel agencies?

    No, the club will not sell directly to travel agencies neither to consumers. The small-groups tours are distributed exclusively to tour operators; those which have an agreement with the member DMCs.

    May the member DMC’s sell one another’s products?

    Yes. We aim at broadening the network. However, negotiations shall be made individually: DMC x DMC x TOUR OPERATOR.


Please fill out the form to apply or to simply get in touch.

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