For DMCs

The perfect hub for your products to reach the market worldwide, with a quality signature, including cutting edge technology and marketing services, without compromising your budget.

For Destinations

A travel concept that promotes sustainable tourism, by including 2 room-nights in each overnight location, involving more hotels and restaurants, and allowing more time for travelers to enjoy the area.

For Travelers

More comfort and privacy, personal attention, exclusive tour-manager-driver-guide, well located hotels, in a slow travel concept with great care by experienced tour operators, and affordable.


To broaden the market for club members and their destinations, through product concept, affordable smart technology and joined efforts, in a sustainable marketing cooperation system for prosperity.


To provide the best affordable quality tours, for travelers around the world to experience the best of it in small groups.



✔ Garanteed departures as of 2 travelers
✔ Mostly up to 7 travelers per group (no more than 16)
✔ High standard vehicles
✔ More center-located hotels
✔ Less packing and unpacking

✔ Less changing of hotels
✔ Less time spent in the vehicle
✔ More authentic (and less crowded) locations
✔ More time to enjoy each location
✔ More experiences and focus on culture



Stay small, sell big

No marketing team or budget? No time to do what it takes to link your business to the world? Never mind! Just do what you do best: local field operations, logistics and service management. Let us do the rest.

Get creative

Combine the best of your services, know-how and local deals, to create at least one tour in the “small groups” concept — a winner product that turns your destination and business into market winners.

One-step market ready

Get seen by 14,000+ travel agencies, as a headstart. With our API you grow along with the club. Your tours get in, and spread out viral through multiple trade web sites. Just B2B it!





    A B2B webservice system for DMCs, dedicated to niche tours for small groups.


    Nothing like an API to spread information all over. With our technology you get your tours integrated with the systems of the operators you work with. One entry, multiple systems!


    Don’t have any deals with operators just yet? No problem. There is an API already running and showcasing all of our tours to 14,000+ travel agencies in Brazil and Portugal. That will get you started right from the start.


    You set your profit. The system is currency and markup flexible.


    User friendly multi-language interface for you to enter and manage your tours as you wish, as well as booking requests and sales.

  • Yeah, but,





    Fill out the contact form below. We will in touch asking you to submit your tours including the general conditions.
    The club board will evaluate, and will get in touch, whether approved or not. If approved, further information and documentation will be provided to you.
    If agreed, pay the one-time entry fee and sign the club regulations and software terms of use.

    Send your visual id and assets

    Send us your logo, and any necessary images and videos of the tours, all in high resolution.

    How will I know if my company is eligible to apply?

    (1) If you can offer one or more tours with garanteed departures as of 2 travelers; (2) design them to follow the same standards of the other tours in our brochures; (3) have a good financial structure to secure the rights of consumers; (4) are well regarded by those who have already experienced your services; (5) and have good recommendations and history; then, yes, you should apply and it will be our honnor to have one more hand and destination aboard.


    Got a wholesaler or more in each country?

    No problem. We are all solution. Once you fed the API system with your tours, you are all set and ready to have them displayed on as many websites as you need. Make as many agreements as you wish with wholesalers to offer your Small Groups Travel Club tours on their websites. Then give them an API to connect to it, so they have your tours displaying automatically from search to sale.

    How long will it take for a tour to be published?

    As soon as you get your tours approved by the club, it only depends on how long you will take to load them onto the API system, and how long your partner wholesalers will take to connect the API to their web sites. The IT team behind the API system will help with the process and will provide training and assistance at all times.

    In what language will the tours be published?

    At the moment, they can be displayed in English, German, Portuguese, French, and/or Spanish.

    How will the tours be identified on the multiple web sites?

    All tours in the club, even when promoted directly by you to the market, must be identified with the “Small Groups Travel Club logo”.

    Are there filters for the search engines?

    The search engine allows queries by: Name of the operator, city, country, name of the tour, and accommodation category. It is up to your partner wholesaler to define what data and parameters their website will get from the API. It all depends on the structure of their website.

    Who will take the bookings and payments?

    You will. As a member DMC you will be granted a backend interface to follow up on the on-line bookings in real time, and carry on with the proceedings. Among other tools, there are real-time reports showing the top searched, top sales, and top cancelled by customer (travel agency) location, among other parameters. The club, however, is not responsible for the services each member provides, and will not be held accountable for any failure on your part in deliver them properly.

    I have few agreements with wholesalers. Will the club help me get more partners?

    That is one of the many benefits in joining a marketing cooperation plan such as our club. The partners of each member, end up willing to get all tours in the club catalog. Once having an API, the cost and effort is the same to get all Small Groups destinations on display. The club connects the parties, for them to get in business agreement, in which the club does not take any measure, part or accountability.


    The club team prepares the marketing bundle for your Small Groups Travel Club tours, all in the Small Groups Travel Club specific standards and visual identity. Both digital and print-ready files.
    » Brochure
    » Flyer layouts
    » Roll-up banner
    » Showcase banner/poster
    » Social network layouts
    » E-mail marketing layout
    » Promotional videos

    Who will use those materials?

    The brochure will be available for download on the Small Groups Travel Club website and social networks.
    The club also promotes their members through e-mail marketing, web advertisement, and events.
    As a member, you may use and distribute those materials as you wish, following the club’s regulations.
    Vendor travel agencies in any country may apply for a partners program, which includes a customized set of bundles of all members.

    Who will arrange and pay for the printing and distribution in the markets?

    The cost is up to each member or their partner wholesaler(s) in each country, which agreement is of their entire discretion.

    How does it work regarding travel market fairs and events?

    One common stand for the club, with a space for each member.
    The cost of the stand, any common materials, and any related services including personnel when applicable, are split equally among the members.
    Each member arranges for their own transport and accommodation.
    Printings: Destination brochures and flyers including tours from more than one member: the cost will be split among the respective members. Member-exclusive brochures and flyers: the cost is up to the specific member. If agreed to print one only complete brochure: the cost will be split among all members, proportionally.
    Bags and Souvenirs: Destination or member specific: each member arranges their own to bring to the stand. Club generic: the cost will be split among the members.


    The Small Groups Travel Club is also a signature that assures that all tours under this brand follow the same standards. The concept has been put to the test for four years in Portugal as the destination, and Brazil as the market. So far, it has generated over €6 mi in revenue, in the first market alone, throughout a three-year sales period.

    The Brazilian market is already fully aware of the signature. The club members brands are visible alongside with it, and, therefore, promoted and recognized as a quality service provider. Once their services are experienced, such recognition is confirmed.

    Since late 2019, with the launching of the 2020 Collection, which now includes Brazil, Germany and Poland in the catalog as destinations, the market has broaden up to three more countries as markets: Argentina, Puerto Rico (USA), and England (UK), as well as Portugal itself.


    The power of Information Technology goes beyond the benefits of real time, data processing and automation. It also makes it possible to spread all data across boarders and several business layers, all the way to the fingertips of millions of people everywhere.

    The downside, is that in the tourism business, no incoming tour operator could possibly assist all those potential consumers from many countries directly, to answer their questions, make quotations, or even process that many bookings individually. That is where wholesalers and vendor come in.

    The benefit of being a Small Groups Travel Club member, is that the same technology that makes it possible for each member to get their tours all over the world with the power of real-time bookings, also provides the other end of the chain with the necessary tools to assist and filter all that potential demand. For that, we have created a Partner Program.

    While wholesalers get to display the tours on their own websites through the API with the power of on-line booking, their vendors get a white label website with the same features, which bookings show up on the wholesalers backend interface. That way, the display of your tours is exponentially multiplied, outreaching more potential travelers, who will count on the travel agent to give them all the assistance they need, in their own language.


    What really gets the club running, is a very small percentage over the sales processed through the API. The more the sales, the more the service required from the team. Likewise, the more effort into helping make sales happen, the more they will happen. This is a win-win situation.

    There is no control over the ups and downs of the many different markets with their own characteristics. At times, regardless of everyones effort, sales could be under expectations in certain market for certain destinations. However, systems and professionals have costs, and, in order to assure the basics of maintenance and service, the club requires the one-time entry fee, and an annual prefixed maintenance fee. Together, they reflect the basic costs plus a safety layer, split among the members.

    Together, the Small Groups Travel Club members help one another grow and prosper. Broader market, bigger and better exposure, with a well structured plan and service, and lower cost for each and all. A sustainable marketing plan for the prosperity of members, destinations and their local business, that provides more affordable quality service for travelers to enjoy the world.

Logon to your member account on the API system, and load your tours.
The API automatically feeds them to the websites of your partner wholesalers and agents.
Having your tours automatically displayed and updated on your partner wholesalers websites, make it possible for travel agents to access your tours online from search to sales, without hassling your team.
Travel agents may also have a white label website allowing for consumers to access your tours online from search to sales, including a mobile app to access them anywhere with direct contact with the agent.
Some of your partner wholesalers’ websites are also connected to other systems, which also feed other travel agent websites, getting your tours to be displayed along with other products.
The outcome is a two-way feeding system networking your tours back and forth within the travel trade, broadening up your market. And you have full control of the bookings through your account, including reports and other features.


Please fill out the form to apply or to simply get in touch.